Once upon a Time in China

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1 B.C. 226-141 A man who lived through three dynasties Lu Tian: Surviving the Chaotic Qin-Han Transition Mohamedir Abdukad
2 177-206 A military strategist in the Three Kingdoms period Bang Yong: An Unknown Tragic Prodigy DoYoung Ahn
3 214-281 A Daoist believer wandering on the road Zhang Peng: Quest for Immortality Nathan Charissis
4 580-636 A Roman warrior nicknamed “The White Death” in China Gaius Marius Jonianus: The Great Tang Roman Jonah Burstein
5 591-621 Japanese aristocrat turned to Buddhism in China The Remarkable Travels of Soga no Hitoshi Arthur Busick
6 624-685 An Confucian official’s struggle against Empress Wu Hao Wang: Standing up against the Empress Wu Xufeng Ma
7 630-673 A Chinese Buddhist monk travelled to India Xuan Li: Journey to the West  Daniel Lemire
8 637-692 A life trapped in the Tang palace Consort Zhang: A Life under the Shadow of Emperor Wu Hanyuan Zhang
9 644-686 A talented pipa player’s entanglement with Empress Wu The Immortal Secret: Empress Wu and Dong Baode Paul Dunham
10 668-705 A women teacher of the Great Cloud Sutra When It Rains: Liu Kangni Katherine Mckendrick
11 700-772 The blending of the art of Chinese guqin and Buddhist teaching Chenjin: A Musician and Buddhist Monk in Tang China Ge Ge
12 900-962 A versatile Tang princess on the Silk Road Li Ruolin: Princess, Calligrapher, and Educator Caroline Sterling
13 1040-1100 A merchant friend of Su Dongpo Zhao Tianyao: A Philanthropist Merchant in Song China Zhao, Tianyao
14 1090-1160 Reformer of the Civil Service Exam Yan Shengli: The Unaccomplished Reformer Melissa Wu
15 1093-1121 An illiterate man rose against the Song dynasty Shi Ma: The Infamous White Lotus Rebel Alex Yuhui Du
16 1093-1146 A woman painter dislocated by war Qing Wanglian: Painting through the Pain Sofia Salen
17 1108-1180 A Han Chinese man befriended the Jurchens Wang Lifang: A Chinese Man among the Jurchens Issac Wong
18 1120-1175 From a foot soldier in the Song army to a Daoist monk Ying Le: A Life of Emotions Henry Le
19 1125-1165 The life of a tragic courtesan Li Yueyue: A Desperate Courtesan’s in a Desperate Time Rutian Wang
20 1150-1210 The decline in the status of women in southern Song Wan Yi: A Tragic Female Entrepreneur in Song China Ziyu Liu
21 1229-1279 The second greatest military commander of the Song Dynasty Zhao Jiaming: The Last Defender of the Song Dynasty Garwin Leung
22 1249-1300 The true voice behind The Travels of Marco Polo Giuliano Vivolo: Marco Polo’s Ghostwriter Jacqueline Heinzelmann
23 1380-1432 The rise of naval expedition in Ming China Hu Bailian: Daughter of the Last Chinese Chancellor Zhao, Sophia Runxuan
24 1511-1561 Legendary pirate in Ming China Yang Zhi: A Pirate in Constant Defiance of the Ming Dynasty Felix Yang
25 1570-1660 A Manchu warrior that lived only for war Of War and Weakness: The Life of Hong Guoji Jonah Jeng
26 1585-1672 A Manchu strategist who mastered the art of war Yelu: Hong Taiji’s Chief Military Strategist Jieyuan Ding
27 1614-1686 A father that amassed wealth but lost his son Li Tianba: Trading through the Ming-Qing Transition Adam Strul
28 1626-1703 A Manchu princess married a Han Chinese man Fodo: Caught between the Manchu and Han Bonnie Nortz
29 1630-1692 An Italian Medici girl met a Chinese maritime king Cecilia Aadenburg and Zheng Chenggong: A Medici Girl’s Adventure in China Katelyn Croft
30 1699-1752 The one and only female European painter in the Qing court “Our Sister Painter”: Laura Biondecci in Qing China Elizabeth Shceuerman
31 1711-1795 A strategist, Lamaist scholar, and architect Yuan Shun: Witness of the High Qing Period James Xie
32 1712-1774 The Qianlong emperor’s primary advisor Zu Xiaoren: A Manchu Expert on the Dzungars and Tibetans Ryan Zu
33 1773-1822 An English opium trader’s Moral Struggle Vincent Blake: A English Opium Courier in China Karen Freire